Dairy, Cheese & Eggs

We have chosen our partners to bring our customers the best products available. Pet Dairy provides all of our liquid dairy needs. Sommer Maid Creamery provides top quality cheese products. Most of our eggs are produced in the mountains of North Carolina by P&R Farms.


Gallons (4 ct) 1/2 Gallons(9 ct) Quarts (12 ct) Pints (20 ct) 1/2 Pints (50 ct)
Whole 3.25% Whole 3.25% Whole 3.25% Whole 3.25% Whole 3.25%
2% 2% 2% Chocolate 2%
1% Orange Juice Orange Juice 1%
Fat Free Buttermilk Fat Free Fat Free
Orange Juice Chocolate
Fruit Punch
Blue Raspberry


Slices (4 ct) Block/Loaf (9 ct) Shredded (12 ct) Misc.(20 ct)
Deluxe American Slices 12/16oz EZ Melt Loaf 6/5# Cheddar 4/5# Bleu Cheese Crumble 4/5#
120 American Slices 4/5# Cream Cheese 30# Fancy Cheddar 4/5# Feta 2/9#
160 American Slices 4/5# Cream Cheese 30/1# Mozzarella
42ct Cheddar Slices 10/2# Monterey Jack/Cheddar 4/5# Provolone Block 3/12#
42ct Swiss Slices 10/2#
42ct Provolone Slices 10/2#


Salted Butter 36/1#
Unsalted Butter 36/1#
Margarine 50#
Margarine 30/1#
Margarine Cups 900ct


Cartons Loose
Jumbo 12doz Extra Large 30doz
Extra Large 15doz Large 30doz
Large 15doz Medium 30doz
Medium 15doz
Large Brown 15doz
6pack 15doz
18pack 15doz
Large Sleeves 5/2.5 doz
Medium Sleeves 10/2.5doz
Large Suitcase 4/5doz
Free Range Brown 15doz

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